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Reveal: SW Modern Final Kitchen Design

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

It's time to finally reveal the SW Modern kitchen! It's been awhile, (we've had a very busy start to the fall, hurray!) but we're so excited to share this amazing space with you! We love this light & sleek kitchen for it's super efficient layout and warm, cozy feel!

Here is a bit of a recap from our Before: SW Modern Kitchen & Preliminary Design post. The clients had thought about expanding the footprint of their kitchen, but in the end decided they liked the cozy feel of it. However, they needed more efficient storage AND while they were fine with the layout of the kitchen (for the most part), their current cabinets/appliances were not up to snuff. Here is a "before" photo.

The cozy vibes of the space were great, but we wanted to introduce more light into the room because it was a bit dark. Our initial design concept featured an expanded kitchen window, a wall of white cabinetry with integrated appliances/storage and contrasting wood cabinetry for the rest of the kitchen. The overall effect would be light & bright yet warm & inviting. Here are a couple images from our preliminary design.

Our clients liked many features of the preliminary design, but wanted to make a couple changes. Also, the key to this sleek, beautiful kitchen was highly efficient storage solutions. These solutions all had to be developed.

During the Design Development phase, all of these details had to be flushed out. The clients loved the look of the design, but were concerned about the amount of storage space. One solution to this concern was to reduce the size of the window (by just a bit and still larger than the original window), and to add open shelving over the peninsula.

The next solution was to create super efficient storage systems in this cozy kitchen. Every cabinet would be utilized in the most effective way possible. For this side of the kitchen, solutions included under-sink tip outs for sponges & cloths on the top and garbage & recycling on the bottom. The awkward corner cabinet between the sink and stove would utilize a Hafele storage system creating a much more efficient use of the space.

This wall of storage included an amazing appliance garage/coffee bar with recessed cabinets above, all which could be hidden away with pull-out doors. It also featured a pull out pantry cabinet cleverly placed near the wall ovens.

Another key to keeping this cozy space bright & minimal was to propose gorgeous paneled appliances by Miele (a look we just don't see enough of here in the States, hello US appliance-manufacturers - this isn't just a European trend). This developed design plan featured a white paneled refrigerator, matching wall ovens and a wood paneled dishwasher to match the wood cabinetry under the sink.

All of these clever & efficient solutions were key to designing this light & modern yet warm & cozy kitchen. Ready to see the final photos!?!

The clients opted for an induction cooktop for a sleek appearance & for quick, efficient cooking. To keep this area looking stream-lined, back painted glass in a coordinating white was installed as a backsplash. So fresh!

The coordinating panel-front appliances from Miele do wonders for keeping this space minimal & bright!

Push/pull doors for the appliance & coffee bar are just the thing to keep this kitchen looking sleek & clean-lined.

When the doors are pushed open, it reveals a cleverly organized appliance & coffee bar. This is accented by more of the back-painted glass for a reflective touch.

The adjoining den is the perfect spot to hang out and watch the action in the kitchen while cozying up near the fireplace.

An eating area off the kitchen is a great casual spot to enjoy intimate dinners. The warm wood accents in the kitchen keep the palette cohesive with the cedar paneling in the den.

We absolutely love the "after" for this kitchen. What do you think?

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