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Behind the Scenes: Furniture for a Children's Boutique

We love love love designing for kids. Hands down children's spaces are the most creative, sweet, daring and just plain fun!

For our children's consignment boutique, we knew that we needed to source a general hanging + shelf system to display the store's inventory. We also needed to find baskets and bins to hold & display accessories.

IRL, budgets are everything. We can look at custom-made, gold-plated, antique, one-of-a-kind whatever all day long but often, that's just not what the client can afford. Our approach is to look at what will make the biggest impact and invest in whatever that is specifically. We like to call it 'The Big Move.' For the store, the hanging + shelf system didn't need to have a ton of attention drawn to itself. It could fade away and just be a workhorse.

Of course, custom doesn't always equal expensive: we ultimately settled on the very customizable Algot System from IKEA:

Shelves, baskets, rods for hanging...and all in a perfect price point. Plus our awesome DIY client would definitely be able to handle the installation of this herself. Done and done!