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Project Reveal: Irvington Foursquare Basement

Updated: Jan 9

The very last space to reveal in the Irvington Foursquare is the basement, which features an adorable playroom, cozy den & beautiful full bathroom. It's a great space for the family to spread out, play and relax!

Hopefully you've read our other posts on the Irvington Foursquare. If not or if it's been awhile, here's a bit of a refresher: first we revealed the Foyer & the Living Room, next we revealed the Dining Room & Kitchen and then we revealed the Upstairs Bedrooms.

The basement in this historic Foursquare home was completely remodeled, creating a usable third level to the home. Adding a bathroom & finishing out this basement created such a comfortable space for the family & their guests.

The open space when you go downstairs is an adorable playroom area. Such a great space for kiddos to grow their imaginations.

Adjoining the playroom is the den space, perfect for cozying up with a movie or show.

The space is capped off by some efficient storage areas and a beautiful & modern full bathroom.

Such a beautiful & functional basement. We love this project!

Stay tuned for the next project reveal!


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