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Project Reveal: Irvington Foursquare Bedrooms

The next spaces we are revealing at the Irvington Foursquare project are the upstairs bedrooms. In classic Foursquare style, all the bedrooms in this house are on the upper level. The layout for the home is very similar to this classic Foursquare floor-plan (minus the Sleeping Porch on the second level & pantry on the first level).

As you walk up the gracious stairs, you are greeting by a small landing with a sweet demilune table & etched frame mirror.

To the far left of the landing is an adorable kids room. Such a light, bright & beautifully classic kids bedroom! So cute!

To the right of the kids room is the gorgeous primary bedroom.

A stunning space that invites you to cozy up on the bed and gaze out the beautiful windows at the greenery outside.

Down the hall you'll find the sweet & classic bathroom.

On the other side of the bathroom is the client's office and in the office is one of our favorite features of this house: the meditation space. A converted closet, lined up to the ceiling in this beautiful watercolor wallpaper our client picked out. It may just be the best seat in the house!

Stay tuned next as we reveal the last and final spaces in the Irvington Foursquare - the basement!


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