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Behind-the-Scenes: Funshine Girl's Room Before Photos & Space Planning

For those of you following along, a couple weeks ago, we introduced a super fun little girl's room we are designing for a long time client's daughter. She sent us her likes and interests, and we pulled together some inspiration photos. Her favorite colors are: pink, turquoise and purple and her favorite things are: horses, butterflies, fairies, sunshine and swimming pools!

Four Cheeky Monkeys

We loved these photos from Four Cheeky Monkeys for their use of the fun colors that our little client loves and the relaxed, sunny vibe. We knew that this was the direction we wanted to take the design, but first we had to layout the space. Our client had sent us measurements and photos of the room. Here are some "before" photos of the space:

Gigi's Room Before

Funshine Girl's Room Before Photo

Gigi's Room Before Photo

Funshine Girl's Room Before Photo

Funshine Girl's Room Before Photo

Our little client (and her mom) did want to keep a few of the items in the room. The bed was staying, along with the cube bookshelf, a couple of the art pieces and the vanity & stool which were a vintage set passed down from her mom. The layout of the room was a bit challenging with 3 doorways and two closets, but it was a good sized space and we knew we could make it work.

From the measurements that they gave us, we first created a 2D model to layout the space. Then we started to "place the furniture" starting with the pieces that were staying in the space. We landed on a space plan that shifted the bed over toward the double closets slightly (and away from the doorway) to center it along the area of the wall that could be utilized. We shifted the cube bookcase under the windows where we also were planning to place a statement chair to create a sweet reading zone.

The vanity/stool would stay in its current spot, but we would be adding a rug and a bench at the end of the bed to utilize the space in the room and create a comfy spot to sit and hang out with friends. For the wall opposite of the bed, we knew we wanted something on the wall to really make a statement, but what?

Our client had mentioned that they had recently visited a salon in Portland that had an amazing mural that the kids loved! We checked out some photos of the mural and loved the fun colors and the artistry! Here is the mural:

Sit Still Kids Mural

We decided to contact the mural artist to see if he could create an art piece for the Funshine Girl's room. We were in luck, he was up for the task! (How cool is that!?!) Now to create the design....

Sit Still Kids Mural by Anthony DeMarco

Stay tuned for the design of the Funshine Girl's Room and mural! We're so excited to share it with you!

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