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Wise Design Favorites: Our Go-To Whites

This week we are starting a new series on our's all about our faves! We'll be sharing our preferred picks for lighting, furniture, textiles, wall coverings and more....

Kicking off our new series is a round up of our favorite go-to white paint colors. White walls are definitely having their moment (or all the moments) lately and it's not hard to see why. A white walled room is fresh & light, can be minimal (or not) and provides a great canvas for interesting textures, furniture, art and decor. White walls are classic and modern all at once! However, there are SO many white paint colors and the shade you chose for your space will make a big difference in the feel of the room.

For our residential projects, we love using white paint to instantly brighten the space. It's amazing what a coat of the perfect white paint can do to improve a room. Sure, white paint isn't the perfect solution for every space, but it works for most. The problem is, there are numerous white paints on the market, and they are all different!

image credit: top - Mhari Scott Photography, Bottom -Partee Photography

When we approach paint color in a room, there are many factors we take into consideration - including: age/style of the home, amount of natural/man-made light, use/function of the room and of course clients' personal taste. Another big consideration for choosing a paint color is the existing trim. If we are coming into a space with a painted white trim that cannot be changed, we'll need to choose a paint that coordinates with the trim color.


Photo Credit: Mhari Scott Photography

As we mentioned before, the style of the home will help inform the decision on paint color. In this cute 1920's Portland Bungalow, we wanted the design to stay true to the era of the home. For the shiplap, trim and main walls of this space, we chose Benjamin Moore

Swiss Coffee, which is a warm off-white color to keep this basement feeling comfy and cozy!

For the upper loft area we contrasted the Swiss Coffee color with Benjamin Moore Intense White, which is a cooler & bright white color.