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Tamara's Picks: Top 5 Favorite Movie & TV Interiors

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Little known fact... I studied film in college & nearly minored in the subject. University of Oregon actually did not offer a film degree when I attended college there. However my final year of college, they introduced a film studies certificate. I was one class credit away from receiving the certificate, but after 5 years of school, I was ready to graduate with or without that that piece of paper.

However, I took just about every film class that I could while in school. Even in High School, I was fascinated by productions both on & off the screen. Options at my small town high school were very limited, but I settled for "Video Productions" class & every theater/drama class or production I could get involved with at the time. The set design & costume design were more than half the fun!

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy the art of on-screen productions in all manifestations. Yet, even though I studied film as an "art" and I may have been somewhat of a "film snob" back in the day (it's called mise en scene, okay ;) ), I can enjoy a campy popcorn movie just as much as anyone else. However, there is always something deeply satisfying about watching a movie or TV show that ticks all the boxes. Both entertaining & thoughtful, count me in! Both well written & well acted, yes please! Excellent directing & beautiful cinematography, heck yeah! And of course, both beautiful set design & beautiful costume design, the holy grail!

Which brings me to my top five (and truly there are more than just five so this was tough). Stick around to see my honorable mentions at the bottom because it was really tough to narrow this list down! Anyhow, this list is a tribute to not only my favorite on-screen interiors, but also examples of productions that tick all those boxes I was talking about!