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Laurelhurst Basement Reveal

Last time we left off on the Laurelhurst Basement, we asked you to weigh in on which option YOU would chose. Well, our client chose Option Two or 'Party Over Here!'

Ready to see the transformation?

The Living Room:

Beautiful new banquette and first of two new egress windows. Nothing like a full sized window to bring in the light and make a basement feel not like a basement! :) All casework is rift sawn white oak.

By having an all-wood banquette, you don't have to worry about upholstery with young creatives and their art projects. Our client has the option of layering on cushions and pillows to create a more cozy space. A Saarinen-inspired IKEA tulip table and vintage Eames chair complete this sweet nook.

Pendant and sconces by Cedar & Moss. Pillows by Fine Little Day.

Open shelves are a great way to display sentimental items and create interesting vignettes that capture your personality. Books, geodes, vintage sculptures, ceramics, and a collection of various art pieces by Carson Ellis, Thérèse Murdza and John Bacone are displayed here. Sliding base cabinets offer closed storage for games and art supplies.

Gorgeous art over the sofa by Thérèse Murdza. Cozy rug from SMG Collective. Oak table from Akron Street.

We carved out a tiny kitchenette off the living room to maximize the space plan. A sink and tiny fridge tuck sweetly into custom white oak cabinets, making this space as cute as it is functional.

Presenting the world's cutest mini fridge by SMEG. Plants, glassware by HAY, terrazzo pots from Woonwinkel and an adorable ‘sharkcuterie’ board by Garage Goods round out the kitchenette.

Love the Pendleton upholstery on the vintage Eames lounger!

The TV is, of course, our go-to choice: Samsung's The Frame.

The Guest Room:

Our clients decided to furnish this room as a bonus room with a pull-out sofa. A new egress window and closet allow for it to easily transition to a legal bedroom whenever needed.

What could be better than a vintage yellow hand chair and a poster of Ice Cube in an Eames chair? It made us all smile.

Art by Thérèse Murdza. Rug from SMG Collective. Oak table from Akron Street. Lighting by Cedar & Moss.

The Laundry Room:

We designed the maximum amount of built-in cabinetry in this space to conceal the ugly stuff we ALL have but don't want to look at (including the washer and dryer). Add some fancy mermaid tile by Pratt & Larson and VOILA, you've got a serene space you might actually WANT to fold laundry in.

Beautiful, custom white oak slatted staircase with lighting by Cedar & Moss.

Peloton bike for a quick workout while you wait for laundry!

Such a cheerful view! Love that our client didn't shy away from colorful tile.

The Bathroom:

The design for the bathroom is simple and functional, with some fun and funky touches. A smiley face made out of hex tile offers a cheery greeting as you walk in the space. A floating wood vanity saves space and adds warmth. Our clients opted for a luxurious steam shower in the basement bath, which has become so popular that our clients often shower down here!

We were so honored to have this space featured in Rue Magazine. You can read the Rue Magazine article here as well as on our website. Thanks so much to our photographer, Corinne Kupish, for all the above photos. We are so thrilled with this vibrant and fun space- like I said before, it's one of our all-time favorites!

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Ryan Harkrider
Ryan Harkrider
May 15, 2020

Thank you! The ceiling height is around 7’6”’to 7’8” from what I remember. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your space feel taller than it actually is. One that we utilize is to cut doors shorter to ensure we can place full size trim around them. If you chop the trim off at the top, it makes the space appear shorter than it is!


Wow, incredible space! How tall are the ceilings? It looks like they’re on the low side which makes this even more impressive (and gives me hope for my short basement...)

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