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Winter Collection: Tamara's Cozy Winter Living Room

Confession time: Winter is not my favorite season. I hate being cold! Give me the warm sunny spring, summer or early autumn days all year long and I'll be a happy camper (because I love camping & other outdoorsy activities when it's warm out). Outdoor winter sports CAN be fun, if I'm bundled up like a Stay-Puft Marshmallow AND I follow it with a nice warming activity (sauna, hot tub, and/or a nice fire & hot beverage). However, it takes a lot more effort and planning, as opposed to a summer day where I can just run down to the river and jump in (instant happy place!)

Here I am trying to enjoy winter outdoor sports

Living in the Pacific Northwest, winter can be rough. When it gets dark at 4:30 and you're facing endless rainy, cold days, it takes some work to keep the seasonal depression at bay. Which is why I've had to adopt some daily habits to help me out. I've found getting outside for a daily walk (even in the pouring rain) is helpful - I have to take my doggo for a walk anyway, so she my default accountability partner. I've also found some sort of daily exercise (cardio, yoga, weight training) and taking plenty of vitamin D helps to stave off the SAD as well.

Also, incorporating items into my environment that are fun and/or bring some happiness into my life, is another thing I've found to be super important for my mental health during the dark days of winter. Pairing those fun moments with warm, inviting colors & cozy textures really gets me through. So, I definitely had to incorporate that warmth & playful spirit into this winter collection as well.


image source: Pinterest

The warm earthy palette just feels like a big hug and the playful, curvy shapes keep it fun! These are the kind of spaces that I would gladly snuggle up in during a snow/ice storm (like we just had in Portland). So, when I put together my Winter Living Room mood board, I captured that cozy, earthy, playful feeling in the furnishings I selected.


The Sandie Sofa in a chunky rust colored basketweave fabric has a sleek, curvy shape that's just begging for you to curl up on it. Pairing this sofa with some fun, fuzzy ball shaped pillows and a handwoven pillow keeps the cozy vibes going strong.


The Calista Swivel Chair in this rich Atlantis Moss fabric pairs beautifully with the warm rust sofa. The oak veneer swivel base adds an organic element that perfectly complements the green upholstery. Swivel chairs are such a great versatile piece in a living room because they can swivel to face a fireplace, someone sitting on the sofa or even turn towards someone in an adjacent room. We love them!


The Kelden Coffee Table off-sets the warmth of the upholstery beautifully and ties in with other black accents in the room. The modern shape provides some nice visual interest. The Fork Side Table in antique brass brings in another fun curvy shape and the marble top adds a natural stone element. The Yucca Side table connects the to the warm organic feeling of the room with its beautiful natural wood grain.


The Cataracta Floor Lamp adds another black accent in a sleek modern shape. The sconces are literally called the Happy Sconce and add another playful shape that resembles a smile (perfect for dark, cold winter nights). The Beaubien Chandelier in a beautiful natural brass finish, coordinates with the sconces and adds a warm modern shine to the room.


The ALI-02 rug from the Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Alice Collection is inspired by cozy Moroccan rugs in a fun high-low texture that gives this space a seriously comfy vibe!


This cozy space would look great with a warm off-white such as Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee or Soft Chamois. Farrow & Ball Wimborne White or Pointing would be some other great options.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Another beautiful option would be something a bit darker like a warm beige or greige tone, such as Farrow & Ball School House White or Skimming Stone. Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe, Fog Mist, or Cedar Key are some other great options.

If you're craving more color in your space, a lovely paint color option for this design would be a soft sage green like Farrow & Ball French Gray or Lichen. Benjamin Moore Dry Sage or Texas Sage are beautiful options as well.

These furnishings would also look SO beautiful with a plaster or lime wash treatment, such as Portola Mission lime wash finish.

This collection would look amazing in many different types of spaces, from a classic Victorian or Craftsman Bungalow to a Mid-Century style Ranch to a modern new build home or condo. I LOVE it in a space with warm wood accents such as this mid-century room with wood framed windows & doors. Now this is a space that I would gladly cozy up in for the winter! Okay, maybe winter's not so bad after all. (Don't worry summer - I still love you the most!)

Be sure to check out all of our Winter Collections on the SHOP page.

Stay warm & safe out there!



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