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This basement was the last space in our client's home to transform; they had been steadily renovating their home for the past four and a half years including completing two bathrooms and their kitchen. The family had done what they could to make it habitable but it was still an unfinished basement with exposed pipes, small windows, and typical basement concrete floors. Fortunately, the ceiling height was comfortable and there was an charming original brick fireplace. 'Modern, white, bright, clean while being inviting, cozy and creative' were the descriptive words they gave us for how they wanted their space to feel. Besides a lounge area, they wanted to include a guest bedroom, a full bathroom with shower, kitchenette, storage, and laundry room. And we were happy to give them all the above, in a footprint of 800 square feet! There was a tiny half bath in the basement but its location was problematic. We turned it into a full bathroom by rotating the toilet: not only did this let us use the existing plumbing stack but we were also able to reconfigure walls and a new entry to the bathroom. A kitchenette was created from the bath’s original location, comfortably accessible from the new family room. The basement living room received custom built-ins for storage and display plus a gorgeous new banquette for game nights. Two new large egress windows were installed to bring in as much natural light as possible both by the banquette and in the bedroom. Rift sawn white oak was used for all new casework: the stairway railings, the built-in storage and open shelves, banquette, bathroom vanity and kitchenette. The original brick fireplace was kept and serves as a focal point in the new guest bedroom.


The clients had beautiful decor they wanted to showcase including a yellow hand chair, print of Ice Cube and an Eames lounger upholstered in fabric from Pendleton. Art by Thérèse Murdza, rugs from SMG Collective, pillows from Fine Little Day, oak side tables from Akron Street and lighting from Cedar and Moss rounded out the accessories. The kitchenette has a fun retro-style mini fridge from SMEG, glassware from HAY, terrazzo pots from Woonwinkel and an adorable ‘sharkcuterie’ board by Garage Goods. The finished result is a lovely, fun and funky space- just like our clients!

Photos by Corinne Kupish

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