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Chessney's Colorful Winter Living Room Picks

Me at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loathed the long winters (Wisconsin born girl, here!) and loved spring. Of course it was the sunny days that brought me joy, but it was also being immersed in our natural environment that was full of texture and color from the bright budding flowers and leaves that made me feel invigorated, happy and inspired. 

In having seasonal affective disorder, I’ve found that color and natural materials are such an easy and accessible way to make an impact on our mental health. That’s why when creating my winter collection I focused on pulling in functional and fun, colorful pieces that have been proven to make a positive impact on our brains for those dark winter days. 

I find that people tend to feel nervous about pulling color into their homes, but it doesn’t have to be a grueling process and shouldn't be! With so many options out there I recommend focusing on colors that you are consistently drawn to. If you feel unsure about what those are, take a look at your wardrobe, go to a paint store and pull some color swatches that call to you the most, or if you're still feeling stuck schedule a 90 minute consult with us to help. Most importantly, trust yourself and let your creativity lead you!

Check out my vision board below that got me inspired to create my collection.

The final result!


Your sofa is the largest and most used piece in your living room. You want it to be so plush and so cozy that you can’t wait for everyone to leave at the end of a dinner date because they are hogging it and you want it to yourself. The EMMET forest green velvet Sofa has the softness and curve that you can really snuggle into.  Green is a great way to add regal personality to your space with added mood enhancing benefits. Bring on those good vibes!


The KIMI sheepskin chair paired with a plush stool will be perfect companions for cool winter days where you want to kick your feet up and sip your coffee.

The HALSTON chair is a team favorite. Last year we went to the Las Vegas Furniture Market and we had to pull each other out of it to get a chance to try it out. It was truly that comfy. The combination of both the leather tufting and the raked back allows you to comfortably sink in while getting the back support needed. This will make for a fabulous reading chair. 


When you’re working with more squared off furnishings or tighter space plans, rounded coffee tables are the way to go. The soft curve makes tight circulation easy on the knees and shins and helps soften up your space. The G-PLAN walnut coffee table has such a beautiful walnut finish to match the other wood tones in this collection, but what I love most is its funky curvy base that makes the space feel more interesting and dynamic.


If your living room is more spacious and seating is separated it’s important to make sure everyone has a landing zone for their drinks. 

The ROTHKO table has a wide curvy base that’s a great pairing for the skinny KIMI chair frame. 

I love mixing metals to make a space feel more unique and curated so instead of keeping them all consistent, I went with the classic TULIP table in a lovely antique brass, and the VIOLA that has a beautiful round marble base. If you want a side table to last at your home make sure it has a finish that can hold up to stains and water rings and make sure it’s a good weight (you want them moveable but heavy enough to not easily tip over).


The Spencer cabinet is a great option for showcasing your books, collections and photos and gives some extra height for those with tall ceilings.


Rugs help define your space and help pull your materials and color selections together. The Wynter rug pulls in my color scheme beautifully, adds interest and helps offset the weight and depth of the Emmet sofa.


When choosing art and accessories, look for pieces that speak to you and pull you in. For this collection, I wanted to add a little more pizzazz and color through abstract pieces that make a big impact to the space. To enhance and inspire your mood I chose to pull in hues of orange throughout the art, pillows and rug. Last but not least, pull in some living plants! There is nothing like having living plants in your space to make you feel connected to the outdoors when it's dreary and cold out.


Is such an easy and affordable way to quickly transform your space. I chose to use Gray Wisp by Benjamin Moore for a mood boosting color on the ceiling instead of the walls so that your space feels bright yet calm and relaxing.


I consider lighting to be the jewelry in a home. It’s a final touch that is hugely impactful on how you feel in your space. I chose the Journey fixture because of it’s fun form and flexibility in function. For living rooms it feels best to have a soft overhead glow instead of direct lighting (that’s what sconces and floor lamps are for, right!?!) so flip those shades upside down for a soft ambiance. I also like that the aged brass sconces give you the option for more or less light in one area while also feeling vintage and unique. Add the matching JOURNEY floor lamp for a reading light.

I hope this collection helps inspire you to follow your own creativity and reminds you that your spaces should reflect how you want to feel when you're in them. Here's to hoping spring comes soon, but in the meantime, happy hunting!


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