90 Minute Design Consult

90 Minute Design Consult

If you're thinking about hiring a designer, or curious about what the heck we can do for you, this consult is a great way to test the waters! We will come to your home or office and provide you with as many valuable ideas and expert advice that we can cram into 90 minutes.


We will discuss things like the scope of your project, your budget and timeline (and how realistic those look) and share the recommended vendors and tradespeople we feel would best suit your project. We can sketch out preliminary ideas, give you direction on space planning, pull paint swatches, discuss finishes or fixtures, and so much more. We reserve the last 15 minutes to discuss the next best step for your project.


Too Busy? Not local? No worries! Check out our E-Design Consults instead!


    All design fees are non-refundable. If consult exceeds 90 minutes, additional time will be charged at $200 per hour, in 15 minute increments.   

    All design fees are non-refundable. 

    Because of our limited time and involvement, clients are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all furniture and material selections work within the space. 

    Client is wholly responsible for all items purchased by the Client. Wise Design cannot guarantee any fabric, material, or products against wearing, fading, soiling, or any other latent defect.

    We do our best to refer quality tradespeople, but ultimately cannot be responsible for the workmanship of others.