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PDX Picks: Our Favorite Local Plant Shops

Here in Portland, Oregon we love our greenery in all forms! The Pacific Northwest is known for it's rainy, wet climate (in fact it's considered a temperate rainforest), so the region is filled with lush, green plants year 'round. The natural green palette of Portland, is all part of the city's beauty!

When we are designing a space, we always add a touch of green to bring that natural beauty inside. Plants give life to a space (literally)! If you are wondering how to instantly bring color & vibrancy to a room, bring in some plant-life and boom! the whole feel of the room will change.

At Wise Design, we are always on the hunt for the best in local plant-life to complete our design projects. We've visited most of the local plant shops in the Portland area and definitely have our favorites. Here is a list of our favorites spots around town!

This light & airy shop in NE Portland is the new kid in town and our new favorite go-to plant shop! The selection of beautiful, healthy plants is incredible! And the staff is friendly & knowledgeable. They also have an incredible selection of pots and hold plant related workshops & events.

If you live in the Portland area, or come for a visit - we highly recommend a trip to Arium Botanicals! You can also check out their Instagram page for major plant inspo!

2. Solabee Flowers & Botanicals

Solabee Flowers & Botanicals is another terrific local spot to find beautiful plants and flowers too. They have two locations in the Portland area (NW & North Portland) - the shop on the corner of N Killingsworth & N Albina features a terrarium station and a selection of local pottery & accessories.

Solabees also specializes in floral design for events and local plant delivery. They are a plant lovers paradise for sure! A stop into one of their stores is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

3. Pistils Nursery

Another fun local spot to check out the plant life is Pistils Nursery. They've got a great selection of both indoor house plants and outdoor trees & plants, as well as landscape design items.

They also offer various workshops & events, as well as offering landscape & interior design services. It's a beautiful shop with beautiful plants & a fun place to browse or shop!

Full disclosure: Beware of pests on their plants. We did buy a beautiful Australian Fern Tree only to discover it had pests a month later. Yuck! However, we also bought a beautiful leafy plant there which is still living & thriving to this day! It's one of our all time favorite plants! (And featured in most of our photo shoots)

Other spots around town worth mentioning...

Portland Nursery

Portland Nursery has an amazing selection of both indoor & outdoor plants. We've sourced many plants for several projects here. If you're looking for a large volume of plants, you may want to stop by their location in East Portland. You can spend hours looking at their beautiful plants.

Portland Nursery has a great selection and nice price points, however their service is sometimes lacking. We did have an experience where we were purchasing several plants, pots with delivery. We spent hours there with two small children in tow, and received little to no help gathering the plants/pots.

Dennis' 7 Dees

Dennis' 7 Dees is a well known Portland nursery institution. They have several locations in the Portland area and they mostly specialize in outdoor plants & landscape design, but also have a selection of indoor house plants. They will also be opening a Flora Gift & Design shop in the Bridgeport Village area this fall! They are another great local spot to get your green on!

Hopefully, you'll check out some or all of these great plant shops around the PDX area soon! Shopping for plants can be a fun way to spend a day!

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