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Behind-the-Scenes: Designing the Funshine Girl's Room

Now comes the fun part! Just to recap on the design story for the Funshine Girl's room thus far: a few weeks ago, we introduced this super fun little girl's room we are designing for our long time client's daughter.

She sent us her likes and interests, and we pulled together some inspiration photos. Her favorite colors are: pink, turquoise and purple and her favorite things are: horses, butterflies, fairies, sunshine and swimming pools!

We also shared the "before" photos for the room and discussed space planning.

Before Photos Funshine Girl's Room

Space Plan Funshine Girl's Room

We also decided that we wanted to make a BIG statement on the wall opposite of the bed, something that she could wake up and see every morning. Something that would make this already happy girl, wake up and smile! The client shared with us that they had recently visited the Sit Still Kids Salon in North Portland and LOVED the mural on the wall at the salon. With a little digging we discovered that the mural was done by a local artist by the name of Anthony DeMarco.

Anthony DeMarco painting the Sit Still Kids Mural

We contacted Anthony about creating a custom mural for this project and he was totally on board! We shared some inspiration images and talked about her interests and favorite colors and Anthony got to work on the design!

He came back with 3 different designs and after narrowing it down, we landed on this fun design which incorporated some of her favorite things. The design we chose features our little client's favorite colors in a sunny poolside landscape. A perfect reflection of this sweet and sunny little girl!

Funshine Girl's Room model with Mural

Once we knew the look and feel for the room that we wanted, we set about designing the rest of the room. We pulled from the colors in the mural for our bedding and accessory palette and landed on some fun peachy pink bedding and pillows. We paired that with a fluffy white rug for the floor to give the room a bit of a casual boho vibe.

Funshine Girl's Room Textile Mood Board

We also decided that adding a central lighting fixture would add drama and nice lighting to the room. We paired this with some smaller accent lighting, such as some cute lamps for her nightstands and a functional floor lamp for the vanity area. Things were coming together!

Funshine Girl's Room Lighting Mood Board

Early on in the space planning stage, we had decided that because the vanity and stool were staying (they were a special vintage item that had belonged to her mom), we needed something fun for the wall nearby. We realized that the area was a perfect area for a fun gallery wall area where we could incorporate our little client's other favorite things.

Funshine Girl's Room Decor Mood Board

We had several ideas for the gallery wall area, but we wanted to keep this area and a few areas a surprise from the little client. We also decided that some details would be finalized when we were styling and installing the room, so we didn't want to commit to a final design. Here was a modeled idea of how it might look.

Funshine Girl's Room Gallery Wall Model

Be sure to stay tuned as we REVEAL this project next week to our sweet little client and share it on social media! We can't wait!

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