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Project Reveal: Grant Park Home

Introducing the Grant Park Home project! This gorgeous craftsman home in the historic Grant Park neighborhood of Northeast Portland had previously undergone fairly extensive construction to add an addition to the back half of the home. The addition had enlarged the size of the kitchen and added a large family room space off of the kitchen & kitchen nook.

The Family Room was a great casual spot for the family to gather after work or school, however the layout was awkward with a lot of wasted space between the breakfast nook and the family room. There was also a niche space which extended the built-in cabinetry and gave the room some asymmetry. So, we started by laying out two different space plans for the room.

Floor Plan Option 1

Floor plan 1 featured a large L-shaped sectional that wrapped in front of the windows and around for a nice view of the fireplace. A media console & TV were placed in a niche space on the other side of the room. A cozy chair and ottoman flanked the fireplace and a console table was located behind the sofa to fill the open space between the family room and breakfast nook.

Pros and cons of this space plan were the distance of the sofa from the TV (con), nice spots for both fireplace viewing and TV viewing (pro), large sofa to fill the room and create less weird empty space (pro).

Floor Plan Option 2

The 2nd floor plan option still featured a large L-shaped sectional sofa that was slightly shorter on the fireplace parallel side to allow for the media console to be placed on the wall directly across. This floor plan also incorporated a large reading chaise in the niche space and an ottoman instead of a coffee table in front of the sofa.

Pros and cons here included: a sofa that was closer to the TV (pro), large chaise was disconnected from the rest of the seating area (con or pro depending on needs/wants), large sofa to fill the room and create less weird empty space (pro).

Our clients chose option 1, with a few changes. Our clients also really liked the idea of the ottoman instead of a coffee table to kick up their legs during a movie, etc. Also, because of the concern for the distance from the sofa to the TV, we decided to place a console table behind the sofa to bring it forward. That meant that instead of a console behind the sofa on the breakfast nook side, we decided on a bench & baskets for that area. This provided a great spot to come in from the back yard and take off shoes.

So our final floor plan looked like this:

With a couple small adjustments, we were ready for furnishing!

We love how this family room turned out! So cozy, comfortable & soft!

We adore this breakfast nook too! We helped select new upholstery for the cushions and window treatments (the chairs, light fixture, artwork and linen pillows were existing).

We love how this project turned out! Stay tuned for our next project reveal!


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