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🎉 Final Reveal: Mt Tabor Basement

Updated: May 19, 2022

Now that design development was complete on the Mt. Tabor Basement project (you can check out the design posts here and here), it was time for everything to come together. Construction got underway on the project and things were looking great! Just as the construction on the project was starting to wrap up and the finish line was in site, news of a pandemic from a disease called SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19 spread across the world.

The construction team managed to finish the final construction riiiiight before everything shut down. They were SO grateful to have this extra space for their family while everyone was home & everything was shut down. The additional space became a great place for WFH zoom meetings & distance learning. We were really glad that everything finished up when it did!

When we finally got a chance to see the finished project, we were SO happy with the results. It looked really lovely & was just like we had envisioned!

Ready to see the final photos? Here they are!

This bar table is a favorite spot for those zoom meetings or movie snacks. It's a great way to transition from the kitchenette to the den area!

The kitchenette is highly functional as a secondary kitchen space. It features dishwashing drawers, a beverage/snack fridge & plenty of cabinets/drawers for dishes, flatware and utensils. The clients chose this beautiful neutral tile which contrasts nicely with the warmth of the wood shelving.