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Reveal! Funshine Girls Room Install & Styling

If you've followed along on our journey of space planning & designing the Funshine Girl's Room, then you'll be excited to see the final install & photos! We're so excited to share the behind-the-scenes story of our install AND reveal all the final photos!

Just to recap, we introduced the project and shared the backstory in this post. Next, we shared the before photos and talked space planning for the room in this post. Lastly, we shared the design, mood boards and renderings for this cute space in this post.

Images From Our Previous Posts (from left): Four Cheeky Monkeys Inspiration, Before Photo of Bed Wall, Before Photo of (Future) Mural Wall, Decor Mood Board, Textiles Mood Board, Mural Mood Board, Model of Gallery Wall, Model of Bed Wall, Model of Mural Wall

In the weeks leading up to our big reveal, we scheduled the electrician to install the overhead fixture, and Anthony DeMarco to come over to prep & paint the mural in the room. We ran through our checklist of furnishing items and everything had been ordered and delivered. We were ready to install!

Anthony DeMarco & his assistant with our sweet Funshine client

On the morning of the big day (aka REVEAL day!), we got to our clients' home early. We were eager to get to work installing & styling this sweet little girl's room! First, we unpacked and assembled all the furniture and accessories. Then we assessed what order we should start to put all the pieces together. We had our art & accessories installer, Michael Blackstock, arriving in a few hours. Before he arrived we had to prepare several areas of the room, including the gallery wall.

Funshine Girl's Room Installation Timelapse Part 1

We laid all of the pieces out and figured out how we wanted to configure our gallery wall. We had several art and accessories for this wall, but we weren't 100% sure how we wanted them to fit together until we saw them in the space.

Funshine Girl's Room Installation Timelapse Part 2

Finally the installers, Michael and his assistant arrived to install everything. These guys do amazing work! The room was really starting to come together. Just a few finishing touches left!

Funshine Girl's Room Installation Timelapse Part 3

With the help of Michael and his assistant, we put the finishing touches on the room. It was almost time to REVEAL the room to our little client! We couldn't wait, neither could she (or her brother)!

Funshine Girl's Room Installation Timelapse Part 4

After the final touch (a sweet note to our cute little client) we were ready to reveal the room to the funshine girl! She loved everything about the room, especially the hanging chair (she always wanted one)! Even her brother was excited about her super fun room!

Now are you ready to see the rest of this super cute room!?! Here is an overall view of the room! It turned out so fantastic! Can you imagine waking up to this every morning!?!

Here's a closer view of that gorgeous mural! Thanks again Anthony!

Here is her sweet & comfy bed area, complete with dreamy canopy, fairy lights and fuzzy bench!

And of course, the gallery wall & vanity! This is a great spot to display all of her favorite things!

We love the way this super cute room turned out! What do you think, do you love it?!

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