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Reveal: The Goose Hollow Manor Project

Today we show the final images from our Goose Hollow Manor banquette project! And wow! We are still in total awe over the incredible job George Ramos Woodworking did with his fabrication and the seamless paint job by Hue Fine Painting. Walking into the kitchen, the new banquette feels like it's always been there. If you need a refresher, click here to see the before photos and here for the design.


Lovely! A cozy, comfortable spot for the family to gather together. The family's desktop computer (with printer and supplies stored in the upper cabinets and the CPU in the lower) sits in the recessed nook beside the table. You can easily slide a Josef Hoffmann cane chair over to work and then back to the table to join in on the conversation.

The Rejuvenation light fixture and oval marble trestle table honor the era of the house.

There's my favorite dog! We had to take a photo of her posing in front of the banquette! We might hire her for our next photo shoot...

Of course, I had to love on her and tell her what a good girl she is! Gosh, we miss her!

The walls were painted Benjamin Moore Fossil in the kitchen, hall, entry and stairwell to make the entire space feel like a cohesive whole.

Far enough away from both the ovens for safety and the edge of the kitchen island for circulation.

We've heard from our clients since and it's unanimous - they all love their new banquette, especially now with quarantine homeschooling! We wish them many happy times here!

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