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Final Reveal: The Ford Building Marketing Office

It's possible that after a year of working from home you haven't seen a real office in a while. Well, get ready to change that right now! This week we are revealing the final photos for the Ford Building Marketing Office!

In the "before times" office design contributed to roughly half of our project load & we loved the unique/complex world of workspace design. Who knows, maybe we'll get back to that world where most of us work in office buildings again, but perhaps a few will never return to the workplace as it existed pre-COVID??

Anyway, the Ford Building Marketing Office project all took place before the pandemic, when working from an office was still the norm (remember that?!). This boutique marketing firm located in our office building, needed some help with the layout & aesthetic of their small but mighty workspace. If you missed the introduction & before photos from this space you can find them here. If you didn't catch the design post, you can find that here.

The great news was that our clients loved the design we proposed for the space and we got started on construction right away! Are you ready to see the final results!?!