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Project Reveal: Introduction to the Ford Building Marketing Office

Good news!!! It's 2021 AND we're introducing a new project! This week we're excited to share a super chic office project that happens to be in the same building where our office is located, the Ford Building. We had put up some flyers around the building offering design services to our neighbors in the building. We were delighted when a fun marketing company in the building contacted us for design help!

The Portland branch of this boutique marketing company consisted of two really lovely people & a super sweet/suite office dog! They wanted to create a more functional space for the three of them. Additionally they wanted to improve the overall professional look of the office for any visitors they would host from within the company and/or outside the company. We were excited to help them create a more functional & aesthetically pleasing space!

Design Dilemmas

The office was a somewhat similar layout to our own with a couple of design challenges that we didn't have in to deal with in our suite. Including a large column in the middle of the space with a very bulky (what we thought was a decommissioned) electrical panel. Additionally, there was some sort of old plumbing rough-in sticking out of the wall near their lounge space.

Similar to our office they had no built-in storage space, and had used a few makeshift furniture pieces to store all of their marketing items, but really needed more functional closed storage solutions.

Overall they were looking for a better layout for their desks & conference table area. Near the conference table they wanted a TV or projection area for presentations & some storage for media related items. For their workspace layout they currently had the desks pushed together in the center of the space, but weren't sure if they preferred their workspaces together or separated. They also needed more storage in their desk area, but they weren't sure how to incorporate it.

Lastly, they wanted to improve the look & functionality of their kitchenette space. Which was a mish-mash of small appliances & dishes on a bar table.

Now that we had a good idea of the issues with the space. We started to create our schematic design plan. Stay tuned to find out what we'll do with this tricky, but interesting space!


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