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Designing the Funshine Playroom

Now that you have a bit of background on the Funshine Playroom & you've seen the before photos (for a refresher you can find the project intro here) - the next step was to begin the design process.

We searched for some inspiration & settled on the below inspo photos. The key elements that we liked were an overall light & bright palette with pops of fun color in the form of polka dots, accessories & paint features. We also liked the soft & low cozy seating in these photos, which would be perfect for the kiddos. Another element we really liked: the hanging chair!

As far as room features, our clients had a few items on their wishlist: comfy seating for both kiddos, book storage, reading space, art supply storage & artwork display space. We had already sourced a large art/schoolwork table that took up a large portion of the room. We had also installed a magnetic whiteboard wallcovering that stretched along the full wall in the room.

It was admittedly a lot to squeeze into this room and we had to be strategic with our space plan, but that's our job! We tried laying out the space several ways, but ultimately landed on a space design centered on three zones in the room. A cushy seating zone, the art/ schoolwork zone & a solo reading chair zone.

Cushy Seating Zone

For the cushy seating zone, which was centered under the rooms' only window, we thought it would be fun to incorporate a fun pattern on the wall as this is your view when you walk into the room. We landed on colorful polka dot decals for the wall & some graphic cloud curtains. For a bit of contrasting yet complimentary pattern to the polka dots, we wanted to incorporate a grid patterned wallpaper on the ceiling as well. Cozy bean bag loungers, a matching ottoman & stump side table would make for a sweet spot for the kids to hang out!

Art & Schoolwork Zone

For the art & schoolwork zone we had some prior issues with the seams of the magnetic whiteboard wall, so we decided the best solution was to frame out the wall and add a cheery yellow border around the whole thing. We also wanted to add some fun & functional art storage and a playful paper airplane mobile!

Reading Chair Zone

For the solo reading area, we wanted to incorporate a rattan hanging chair. It would be the perfect spot for the kids to "hang" out and read their favorite books! To shed some light on the situation, we wanted to bring in some string lights with a touch of wood for texture. Colorful artwork & pillows would make this zone cozy & bright. Best of all, we proposed a sunny accent mural!

Throughout the space we recommended a beautiful, yet oh-so-practical Flor carpet square rug. If any of those art projects ended up getting too messy, the squares could be easily switched out for clean carpet squares - so great!

The question was, would our clients like the design? Would it tick all the boxes? We really hoped so! Stay tuned to see if our clients were in love with this design like we were!


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