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Introduction to the Funshine Playroom!

Remember the Funshine Girl's Room we installed last year before the world turned upside down? (I know that seems like a million years ago, so to refresh your memory you can find the Reveal & Blog Series here, and check the project out on our website. You can also find the reveal video on IGTV.)

Well, we're back at it again! Same, clients, same kiddos, new space. Our team helped transform our clients' current playroom into a super fun & functional space perfect for hanging out or catching up on school work (just in time for distance learning!)

Sneak Peek of the Funshine Playroom

Our clients actually approached us about an upgrade for this room a few years back and we slowly chipped away, installing a few items over time. It wasn't until we completed the Funshine Girl's Room that our clients saw how fun and transformative a full design & reveal could be and decided to go all in on the playroom! We're so glad they did. This was a super fun project!


The space before was cute & colorful, but the kids were growing up & growing out of a lot of the items in the room. They wanted to update the look & purpose of the room. The kids now needed a space to do school work & art projects more than they needed space for toys & playing. Little did we know, distance learning was just on the horizon.

Our clients wanted to remove the TV, the train table & tool bench. They also wanted to remove the rocker & ottoman in this room and replace with some fun cushy seating instead.

Here the dollhouse, shopping cart & play kitchen were going away. The clients also wanted to add some fun window treatments to this room. We loved this idea!

The room already had two spacious closets perfect for storing art supplies, games & books. So great for a playroom!

Sadly, we said sayonara to Darth Vader. The loveseat, although cozy, overwhelmed the space, so they said goodbye to that, too.

Our clients slowly got rid of the outgrown items and worked up some more age appropriate solutions. We added a full wall magnetic whiteboard & a large table with chairs for art projects and homework.

It was a good start, but we all knew it had much more potential. Stay tuned to see the design details next on this blog series!

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