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We were fortunate enough to get the ball rolling on this playroom design before the Pandemic hit. This fun and energetic space features a magnetic dry-erase wall, a cozy reading nook, and a large work / art table perfect for homeschooling. Before, the space was functional with large storage closets for toys and supplies, but needed updating as our client's children were getting older.


We revamped the Flor carpet with a fun mid-century pattern to layer in some bright, but sophisticated color into the room. We created a full wall of magnetic dry-erase board and framed it in a fun yellow, giving the kid's the perfect place to display art, school schedules, and doodle. In front of the art wall, we installed a large art table with chairs that can grow with the kids. Taller legs can be added to the table as they get older. We designed and created a special paper airplane installation over the art table to add a touch of whimsy and fun. A rolling cart holds all art supplies, and little wall mounted clips art the perfect place to display special art pieces. 

Vinyl decal polka-dots decorate the window wall adding a super fun pattern, without the expense or commitment of wallpaper. We layered in decorative cloud print drapes with arrow finials. Two cozy sherpa bean bag chairs and ottomans with fun pillows from Society 6 sit under the window and provide a place for the kids to chill and relax. We installed a wall mounted book shelf for each of them to hold their favorite books, plus a tripod lamp for soft reading light. A beautiful variegated rubber tree brings some life into the space.


Anthony DeMarco (see the Funshine Girl's Room for the beautiful mural he painted in our client's daughters room) from Earthly Realm painted a yellow sunburst circle in the corner and installed a rattan hanging chair with a sheepskin and pillows making ultimate cozy retreat. Wooden string lights hang over the chair providing a nicely lit corner for evening reading. Some fun art prints from Minted finish off the space. 

This space came together JUST in time for distance learning and is heavily used and enjoyed by the family. 

Photos by Annie Wise

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