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Behind-the-Scenes: Intro to the Funshine Girl's Room Project!

We are super excited to share our design process for a sweet little girl's room that is currently in the works! We will be sharing this project from conception to reveal and we can't wait to have you join us along the way!

Here's a bit of a backstory on the project. Our client of many years, approached us and let us know that her daughter had announced that her #1 birthday wish for her 8th birthday was for Wise Design to design & style her bedroom. We, of course, jumped at the opportunity. At Wise Design, we all have kiddos and we all adore designing kids' rooms. They are a total blast!

So we asked our client to send us some information about her daughter. We wanted to know about all of her favorite colors and interests. Our little client sent us a super cute video where she told us some info about her bedroom. She also let us know that her favorite colors were pink, turquoise and purple and her favorites things were horses, butterflies, fairies, sunshine and swimming/pools. This was some great information to start with!

Cute bedroom by Four Cheeky Monkeys

We started to pull some inspiration photos to get a feel for how we wanted the room to look and feel. We knew we wanted some kind of graphic element on the walls. We thought about decals or wallpaper. We liked these images from Four Cheeky Monkeys.

Cute Bedroom by Four Cheeky Monkeys

We also really liked the color palette from these photos and it incorporated all of of our little client's favorite colors in a beautiful way. We decided to roll with this palette and thought about painting the walls a pretty light aqua color. We liked the paint color from the inspiration photo below.

Light Aqua Girl's Room

We also really liked the fun poufs from the photo above for flexible seating. We knew we wanted to include a pouf and a cool statement chair in our design to create a fun hangout zone. Incorporating a hanging chair, like the fun seating area in the photo below, was an idea that we totally loved. So cute!

Hanging Chair in Girl's Room

Now that we had our inspiration, it was time to get to work on the design. Stay tuned for the rest of the behind-the-scenes design story for this super fun project!

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