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Project Reveal: An Introduction to the NE Portland Therapy Office

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

What do we all need more of these days? Therapy! After a year and a half of living through a pandemic, we could all use a little therapy, right!? And with many offices moving to zoom & telehealth calls, it may have been awhile since you've seen a real-life therapy office. Our next project reveal is a serene sanctuary to come & talk it all out.

A little background on this space...a couple of years ago, one of our wonderful repeat clients approached us to help out with their professional office space. Of course, we were delighted to help! The client's therapy office was expanding (literally, into the next suite) and the client was moving to a larger private office in the same building. They wanted to take the opportunity to upgrade the furnishings and functionality of the furniture pieces that would be moving into the new office. We would be creating a design for not only the client's private office, but the office waiting/reception area as well.

Office Before Photos

Here's some photos of the old furnishings from the office that wouldn't be moving to the new space: