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Our popular Design For A Day Consult explained

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "do you offer consults?" It comes from clients looking just a little bit of help, not necessarily needing or wanting a full service project.

Enter our Design for a Day consult! We rolled out this service last year and have completed over a dozen DFADs (as we like to call them!) to date. And they are So. Much. Fun!

In this post, we thought we'd take you through the details, what it is, what's included and how it works. Next week, we'll take you through an actual example of a recent DFAD. (Sneak peek below).

So, what it is?

The Design for a Day consult is an open-ended 4 hour in-home consult with our team to allow you to get help where you need it. We find it has been most effective if it is focused on a particular room or space so we can dive into the details of the design to give you a polished look.

Four hours is a long time.

It is! Some clients really prefer to dig into the design with us during the consult and have no problem with the time frame. For others, the time commitment is overwhelming or difficult for scheduling reasons. For these reasons, we keep the format flexible. Instead of the full 4 hour in-home consult, we can have schedule a brief 90 minute visit to get the information we need and wrap up the rest at our office.

How do I know if it is a good fit for me? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this consult is right up your alley.

  • You're busy!

  • You need the vision, but you like to handle the details yourself.

  • You know what you like but you're having trouble tying everything together.

  • You're afraid to pull the plug on the big purchases.

  • You've just moved and have a blank slate.

  • You have one room that you'd like to focus on.

  • You have a pretty clear budget in mind. (If we know what price point to look at for specific furnishings, it's MUCH faster for us and helps preserve our time. If you're planning on phasing the design, have an approximate overall investment in mind so we can break it down appropriately.) This doesn't mean you need to HAVE all the money right now, but we like a general idea of how much you're willing to invest over time on your space).

How do I get started?

Before we embark on the consult together, we like to be fully prepared, which means we need a few things from you.

  • Discovery Call - We want to make sure this consult is the right fit for you before you commit. We will schedule a brief phone call or in-office meeting to discuss your project and design goals. Plus, it's a great chance to get to know us! To get started, answer a few questions on our Contact Form and we'll schedule a call.

  • DFAD Questionnaire - To help us create your dream space, you'll receive a questionnaire that helps us understand your goals, lifestyle, and budget. (A note about budget, some people are hesitant to share their budgets for a number of reasons. Having a budget range helps us select WHERE to shop for your furnishings so we can maximize your budget and select appropriate pieces for your budget.

  • Inspiration Images / Photos -  We need to know what you like! Collect inspiration images, or share a link to your Pinterest board so we can align our design with your vision for the space. It's helpful for us to see photos of your space prior to the consult, so we can make the most of our time during the consult. You can upload images within the Questionnaire we send you.

  • Design Agreement and Payment - Prior to the consult, we will email you design agreement for signature and an invoice for payment. Both are required prior to your consultation.

What do I get at the end?

After the consult is over, we will head back to the office and compile a comprehensive design plan allowing you to execute the project at your own pace. This normally happens a day or two after our consult. Our design plan includes the following:

  • Dimensioned floorplan showing location of furniture and/or casework. 

  • Mood Board showing products, fixtures and finishes we're recommending for your space. 

  • 3D Renderings of your room so you can see exactly what the design will look like!

  • Curated Pinterest board of suggested products with links to purchase

  • Detailed notes with our recommendations

  • "Getting Started Guide" with industry tips and tricks from our team

  • We include one round of revisions with your package. If there's something you didn't like, you can include them in one followup email to our team and we will re-select those items.

How much is it?

The consult costs $1500. I know what you're thinking. $1500 is a LOT of money that I could spend on furnishing the space myself! Yes! You're right, it's $1500, but think of it in these terms:

  • It can save you money! A designer can help you avoid costly mistakes, like ordering the wrong sized sofa, a fabric that doesn't suit your lifestyle, or just generally things that don't go well together. Those could easily add up to $1500..or (yikes) maybe more.

  • We create a vision for you to execute. During the consult, we'll work with you to develop, what we call a "vision" board, with a few inspiration images that are going to direct the design. This is SO helpful because you can always refer back to it to see if your selections jive with the vision. If not, time to look for something else. We use these in our own design process, and constantly refer back to them when we're having trouble making decisions.

  • It's a fast turnaround. We spend all day every day looking for furnishings, fabrics, accessories, lighting, etc. We have our favorite go to vendors that we trust and products we stand behind. What may take you hours and hours to research and decide on, we can recommend during the course of this consultation.

How are you addressing these consults during COVID?

We know having someone in your home during the pandemic is unsettling and even downright scary. We want to assure you that we are the following precautions.

  • Limit our time at your home. Instead of spending 4 hours at your residence for the Design for a Day we will spend up to 90 minutes meeting you and taking any measurements that we need of your space. We wrap up the rest of the work on our own, reaching out if we need feedback or have additional questions.

  • Check our temperatures before your appointment.

  • Wash our hands and sanitize anything we are brining into your home with disinfecting wipes.

  • Wear masks, gloves, and remove our shoes while in your home.

  • Stay 6' apart as much as possible.

If you're still on the fence, check out these testimonials from our Client's who've booked DFAD consults with us!

"Amazing Design for a Day experience with Annie Wise Design. In just 4 hours they completed my 'dream' living room design. Not only did they quickly understand how we use the room, but they involved me along the way to in such a short time complete a gorgeous plan. We now have everything we need, from detailed measured and precise drawings, to resources to purchase what we need. Best of all there's still a follow up hour we can use along the way. Great fun, and well worth the spend."

"I could not recommend Annie and her team enough! We moved into a beautiful Mid Century home in SW Portland a year and a half ago, and have not felt confident making any furniture or paint decisions. After a few weird decisions, we decided that it was time to hire an expert. Right away, they suggested the Design for a Day Package where they come into the home for 4 hours and design a room for you. Tamara, Ryan, and Annie were AMAZING, and we are so happy with the design that they created for us. THANK YOU ladies. We are currently in the process of purchasing their suggestions, and can't wait until it all comes together. We will absolutely be hiring them again for future projects."

Stay tuned for next week where we share an actual DFAD experience with an adorable family in SW Portland!!

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