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Project Reveal: Introducing the Fairhaven Mid-century Bath

Nothing like a bathroom renovation to make everyone smile! Our clients purchased a lovely home in SW Portland but there was one room that just wasn't cutting it:

At first glance, it looked okay. The round mirror, the wall-mounted faucet for the sink and the skylight were nice features. But as our clients explained, this was the only bathroom upstairs and they needed a shower and two sinks. The tub's footprint was substantial for a not-so-big room. The counters, tile and curved vanity were not their style (nor ours) and pretty out-of-date.

Looking back at the bathroom door from the tub. You can see a little sneak peek of the toilet on the right behind a pony wall. The door on the right contained a small bathroom closet.

The roofline was also causing some confusion for our clients. The roof sloped down towards the bath, making introducing a shower difficult.

Good thing we love a fun challenge! Stay tuned to check out our new plan for this bath!

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