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Updated: Jan 24

I am not, by nature, a winter gal. I don’t fare well in cold weather, don't excel at winter sports, and could take or leave a root vegetable. Don’t even get me started on the 4:30 sunsets.

I grew up in the desert, our winters rarely dipped below 45 degrees, and the sun stayed out until after business hours. When I first moved to Portland  and we got our first snow (a full half inch!), I spent approximately 9 minutes pretending to enjoy it, before sheltering inside with a cup of coffee and a book. Every subsequent snow I’ve alternated between feeling worried and annoyed. The only thing I really enjoy about winter is getting cozy, which is where I truly shine.

As a strictly indoor cat in the colder months, I value a space you can curl up in. The items I chose for this collection are reflective of that, both in style and materiality. This is a space that feels classic, layered and collected, with just a touch of quiet luxury. I imagine Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler would feel at home here, were she a real person. I chose pieces in warm colors and sumptuous fabrics, perfect for ignoring the rainclouds outside, or falling asleep under your latest read.



The Raphael Sofa, while slim in profile, offers deep, plush seats to sink into. Its clean lines feel contemporary, while the forest green velvet is decidedly classic, making it look at home in a variety of environments.


The rusty color of the Tyler Armchair contrasts beautifully with the green sofa, and the juxtaposition between the rustic wood frame and the luxe fabric creates visual interest while still feeling traditional. 


The Tolle Cabinet is the perfect item to house your books and display your collections. The glass fronts give a delicate feel to this sturdy piece, and its matte black finish and arched top lend to it an heirloom quality.


This coffee table is a real workhorse. At 55” across, it can serve a lot of functions. It can be a place to rest your tea while flopped on the sofa watching a thunderstorm, or an expanse to play a board game and eat a pizza on lazy snow days. The hulking profile and natural wood help ground a space that might otherwise feel too precious to relax into.


Side tables are often the unsung hero of a room. They have to be unimposing enough to not hamper circulation, but also large enough to be useful for your needs. These two side tables do just that, while also looking beautiful. The sleekness of the black Trula End Table is a fun contrast to the embellishment of the Calhoun End Table in antique brass. The Trula also has a beveled brass edge, making the two work together seamlessly.


Lighting is one of my favorite parts of pulling a look together. It's like the jewelry of a space. A great way to infuse a little unexpected personality. The lighting in this room is such a playful mix of traditional and whimsical. The sconces are a little more buttoned up and austere, while the pendant is a bit fanciful. 


The Vibe Rug is the perfect compliment to this space. Its vibrant colors, and inspiration rooted in Turkish textiles make it equally playful and timeless. Its plush pile makes it the ideal place to cozy up in front of a fire.


I’m a sucker for things that have a sense of history. These vintage botanical prints harken to a time when science and art intersected in such a beautiful way. They’re informational, and pragmatic, but also so beautifully illustrated and detailed. They help to communicate the collected and bespoke intention of the space.


Paint colors can have a huge impact on the space without changing anything else. Below I show the the same furnishings, with two different wall colors, and the difference in the overall sense of the space is significant. In one I used Farrow and Ball's Cardroom Green- giving the space a definitively academic feel. In the other, I used Farrow and Ball's Setting Plaster, creating a soft, feminine space overall.




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