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Wise Design Picks: Outdoor Spaces + Our Roundup of Outdoor Furniture Favs

Here in Portland Oregon, we are very fortunate to have the most beautiful summers! After raining pretty much solidly for 9 months out of the year, Summertime in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is lush and inviting! The sun finally graces the land with it's glorious rays and with the longer days and warm nights, Oregonians are outside in full force.

Be it in the rivers, ocean beaches, mountain trails or city parks; Oregonians take full advantage of the summer months! That also includes our own backyards, which we wait all year to utilize as another living space. We can't wait to wipe off the rain and uncover the patio set for the much anticipated outdoor living season!

Jessica Helgerson Design

At Wise Design, we love designing outdoors spaces just as much as we love the interior of a home. Outdoor design presents many of its own challenges and some big time advantages as well. (Hello beautiful trees and green grass as a backdrop!) We feel that your outdoor spaces should truly feel like an extension of your home and like to treat it as such. So whether it's an outdoor dining, lounging or fire pit area, it should be like another room in your home!

Outdoor furniture can and should have many of the same aesthetics and properties of indoor furniture. With the addition of durability and ability to withstand the elements. Fortunately, so many materials these days are made just for this purpose. Here is a round up of our favorite outdoor furniture pieces to create your own backyard oasis.

Lounge Chairs

Dining Sets

Outdoor Sofas

Hopefully this inspires you to get outside and enjoy the rest of the summer sunshine in your own backyard paradise!

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