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Wise Design Favorites: All About That Wallpaper

We're not gonna lie, we kinda have a thing for wallpaper. I mean it's not a like a problem, we've got it under control...honest (haha). Wallpaper is definitely one of the best ways to make a big (or small) statement in a room! Lucky for all of us, wallpaper has made a HUGE comeback in the recent decade and can now be found in all different colors/patterns. It doesn't always work for every space (kitchens & bathrooms can be tricky), but sometimes a space is just calling for it!

At Wise Design, we definitely have some favorites. Some we've used in projects before, and some we just dream about using in upcoming projects (someday...). Some are big and bold, some are more subtly minimal. We even have some durable vinyl wallcovering picks to share. Check out some of our favs below!

Hygge & West - Arcade Gold

Hygge & West Arcade

Here's a fun favorite! Our Irvington Modern breakfast nook is accented by this geometric wallpaper from Heath Ceramics line for Hygge & West. We love the subtle, yet punchy circular pattern that is aptly named Arcade (we can totally see Pacman in there!). It's a gorgeous and unique feature in this cozy space.

Heath Ceramics Arcade

Wallpaper From the 70's - Gasco

We chose this wallpaper as a nice, subtle way to differentiate the dining space from the living room in our Bridlemile Midcentury home. We love the visual interest this wallpaper provides, as well as infusing the room with an understated mid-century vibe. The Gasco pattern from Wallpaper From the 70's, is not only stunning it's made from super durable Vinyl! So great!

Wallpaper From the 70's Gasco

Makelike - Pointy Black

Looking sharp! We can't get over this amazing wallpaper in our Irvington Modern hallway. Totally ON POINT! This beautiful cactus wallpaper from Makelike adds interest and character in this home (and anywhere it's used). The pattern aptly named Pointy is reminiscent of botanical drawings and uses a pointillist technique. It's just stunning!