Design for a Day
  • Design for a Day

    Need help picking new furniture for your living room, want a master bedroom refresh, need help picking out a paint scheme for your house?  This boutique package is perfect for those who are in a time-crunch or just need a little direction. 


    What is it?


    Our Design for a Day consultation is a thorough 4 hour team consult that is led by you! Choose your top priorities and we'll help you determine where to focus the time. Our team comes to your space to work through as many design issues as time allows, giving you valuable guidance and advice, helping avoid costly mistakes along the way. 


    What it Includes:

    • A dimensioned floorplan showing your ideal space plan. 
    • 3D renderings as necessary to communicate design intent.
    • Mood Board showing products, fixtures and finishes we're recommending for your space.
    • Curated Pinterest Board with links to purchase 
    • A "Getting started" Guide with industry tips and tricks from our team!
    • A follow up hour to answer any additional questions and make revisions.


    Getting Started


    Before we embark on this journey together, we need information to help us create a beautiful space that aligns with your goals and aesthetics. 

    • Design Questionnaire - To help us create your dream sapce, you'll receive a questionnaire that helps us understand your priorities, aesthetics, and budget.
    • Inspiration Images - Upload inspiration images, or a link to your pinterest board) so we can align our design with your vision for the space.

    • Photos of the space - If you have a floorplan of your space, please include that as well.


    To learn more or to see if your project is a good fit, contact us now! Let's get started!