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Update Your Address Book: Wise Design Moved!

If you ever had a chance to come by our office, you know that we were in tight quarters.

Fortunately we all really like each other!

So much that we all occasionally, accidentally, wear the same color! But still, we were in a small office.

Wise Design have been Ford Building tenants since 2015. The location off SE Division is perfect and we've moved all over the building, from the second to third floor in 2018. After six years of working in 300 sqft, we finally decided it was time to upgrade and as fate would have it, a larger suite, just down the hall, became available.

The new office is south facing so all of our plants are much happier. There's also a kitchenette with a little sink & a new dishwasher. We also added a new conference room with space for all our materials, a storage room (the ultimate luxury) and a new sweet Zoom room for meetings & phone calls.

Our light fixture that's travelled with us from floor to floor, suite to suite, was the one of the first items to move! We also installed the most fun, the most gorgeous Kate Blairstone wallpaper by our entry and on the back wall of our Zoom room.

We have more planned including FLOR tiles, custom storage pieces from ADBusch, felt boards for material pinning, etc. But we are loving the light, loving the change and loving the space!

We'd love to have you visit our new space, Suite 342. It already feels like home.

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