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Unprecedented Times: The West Coast is Burning! Here's How to Help.

Our hearts & thoughts go out to all those that have been affected by the many fires burning through our beautiful state of Oregon as well as the rest of the West Coast. We are devastated by the loss these fires are causing across the state.

Image credit: Bridge & Burn

We're so thankful to all the firefighters & first line folks out risking their lives to save others. You are all genuine heroes!

This local tragedy reminds us to never take anything for granted. Our hearts go out to all that have lost loved ones or their homes to these deadly fires.

If you'd like to help those displaced by the Oregon fires, here are some local charities that are helping support those in need:

Redcross: or volunteer through

GoFundMe: You can find several funds to donate to specific communities and causes via -

Don't Shoot Portland/Symbosis Pdx & Snack Block Pdx:

Wildland Fire Fighter Fund:

Oregon Foodbank:

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