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PDX Gift Guide 2020

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Well, it's been a year, right?!?! Phew, I think most people will be pretty happy to see the backside of 2020. However, before we close the books on this year, we have the holidays to look forward to!

The holidays this year may be a little different than most years. With a deadly pandemic raging throughout the country & the number of cases on the rise - traveling isn't advised and even gatherings & parties will be different this year. I think we're all pretty familiar with Zoom Parties by now!

Most of all, this has been a really tough year for a lot of small businesses. Many have had to layoff employees, change up their business structure or even shutter their doors (either temporarily or permanently) to get by this year. It's been a struggle for so many! So we encourage everyone to shop local this holiday season and really support the small businesses in our community. After all, it's the small businesses that really make our community unique and supporting them keeps their businesses afloat. So let's all buy local this holiday season!

Games & Puzzles

If we've learned anything from this pandemic, it's to enjoy the simpler things in life. Getting back to basics doesn't have to be boring. Haven't you heard? Game night is back!

Here are some picks:

1. Pink Tiger Games - Flatter Me Game

Where to buy: Portland Bazaar

2. Board Game - Advance

Where to buy: Woonwinkel

3. Gradient Puzzle Blue/Pink - 500 pieces

Where to buy: Woonwinkel

4. Pink Tiger Games - You Think You Know Me

Where to buy: Portland Bazaar

5. Rick & Morty Total Rickall Cooperative Game

Where to buy: Powell's

6. Carcassonne: 2014 Updated Edition

Where to buy: Powell's

Where else to buy games: Guardian Games, Cloud Cap Games

For kid's games: Finnegan's Toys, Oodles For Kids, Spielwerk Toys, Kids At Heart Toys, Thinker Toys

Pottery & Ceramics

One of our favorite things - handmade pottery! It's one of the best ways to add some personality & interest into your world. Whether it's for their shelf or for their table, it's a great way to spark joy for those you love. Here's some favs!

1. Lil'cupa

Where to buy: Almond Ave

2. Pieces de Resistance - Face Mug

Where to buy: Portland Bazaar

3. Studio Arhoj / objects - Quench Cup

Where to buy: The Yo! Store

4. Burnt Thistle Ceramics - Moon Phase Dish

Where to buy: Altar

5. Holder Workshop - Ceramic Modern Squiggle Vase

Where to buy: Portland Bazaar

6. Workaday Handmade Mug: Terracotta

Where to buy: Spartan Shop

Where else to buy pottery & ceramics: Mantel, SMG Collective, Woonwinkel, Made Here, Ecovibe & Maven Collective


No doubt about it, Portland is a literary town. We love books here and we're very proud of it! And what better way to pass these dull pandemic days. Honestly, there are so many amazing books, but here are just a few ideas.

1. Accidentally Wes Anderson

Where to buy: Broadway Books

2. Find Your Artistic Voice

Where to buy: Woonwinkel

3. Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables

Where to buy: Tender Loving Empire

4. Antiracist Baby Board Book

Where to buy: Green Bean Books

5. Off Grid Life: Your Ideal Home in the Middle of Nowhere

Where to buy: Powell's Books

6. 50 Hikes With Kids: Oregon and Washington

Where to buy: Tender Loving Empire

Where else to buy books: Books With Pictures

Kids books: Oodles 4 Kids, Kids at Heart Toys

Self Care

Self care items are always a good gift idea, but especially this year when we all need it more than ever. Here's a few favs.

1. La Bruket / apothecary HAND CREAM - N0. 102 BERGAMOT / PATCHOULI

Where to buy: The Yo! Store

2. Herbivore Botanicals: Body Polish

Where to buy: Mantel

3. Milk + Honey Bathing Salt

Where to buy: Ecovibe

4. Bath Tea Sachets 3-Pack

Where to buy: Made Here

5. ULA Ritual Mist

Where to buy: Woonwinkel

6. Gatherwise - Extravagant Gift Box

Where to buy: Portland Bazaar

Where else to buy: J. Renee Organics, Coral Story Beauty, Seagrape Apothecary


Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Want to show your mom, bestie, sister, favorite cousin etc. how much you love them? Jewelry is always a great gift idea. Check these out!

1. Modern Madini - Machete Drop Earrings

Where to buy: Altar

2. Fluit Cuff Bracelet

Where to buy: Betsy & Iya

3. Whiskey + Wine: Margot Earrings

Where to buy: Mantel

4. Esposita Ring

Where to buy: Seaworthy

Other local spots for jewelry: OKO, Maven Collective, The Yo! Store, Woonwinkel, Gem Set Love, Portland Bazaar, Hannah Naomi Jewelry

Home Decor

No surprise, we love home decor items and there are a lot of local makers creating BEAUTIFUL items for your home! It's honestly hard to narrow it down to these few, so be sure to check out all the local offerings!

1. Willowship - ‘Figures’ Dinner Napkins

Where to buy: Portland Bazaar

2. Holder Workshop - House Candle Holder + Incense Burner

Where to buy: Portland Bazaar

3. Ceramic Fruit Bowl

Where to buy: SMG Collective

4. Bosque Design: Candleholder

Where to buy: Mantel

5. Iris Wire Basket - Large Mint

Where to buy: Woonwinkel

6. Aldis Natural Baskets

Where to buy: Ecovibe

Other local shops for home decor: The Yo! Store, Maven Collective, Made Here, Spartan Shop, Urbanite, City Home

Plants & Planters

At Wise Design, we feel that a space isn't complete without some kind of plant. Plants are beneficial for so many reasons, besides just being beautiful to look at, they help purify the air! Plants are a great gift - just be sure that you take into consideration the level of care & level of lighting in the space. Here's some picks!

1. Alocasia 'Ivory Coast'

Where to buy: Solabees Flowers & Botanicals

2. Potted Cactus in Handmade Pottery with Drainage

Where to buy: Maven Collective

3. Hoya 'australis'

Where to buy: Ecovibe

4. Archie Pot Salt

Where to buy: Woonwinkel


Where to buy: Arium Botanicals

6. Ctenanthe Burle-Marxii - Fishbone Prayer Plant

Where to buy: Pistils Nursery


If there's one thing this pandemic has changed (okay, it's changed a lot but here's one) it's what we wear. No one wants to wear stuffy office attire when they're working from home. Comfy lounge clothing has become a daily uniform for most of us. Here's some local finds:

1. Navy Socks

Where to buy: Wool & Prince

2. Organic Cotton Jogger

Where to buy: Monochromatic


Where to buy: Wild Fang


Where to buy: Made Here

5. Yellow Owl Workshop - YOW MEN'S SOCKS

Where to buy: Tender Loving Empire

Other local spots for apparel: Adorn, The Yo! Store, Communion, Frances May, Bridge & Burn, Altar, North of West

Gift Bundles

Also, many local shops have made it easy this holiday season to shop for your friends & family by putting together gift packages & bundles. This is a great way to buy a fun sampling of what a shop offers if you can't decide on one thing. Be sure to check out all the local shops this holiday season & support the small businesses that make our community unique!

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