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2019 PDX Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

In the age of digital shopping (and trust me, with three kids I've done my fair share this year), it's nice to step back and remember that we live in a PRETTY cool place, with PRETTY cool things made by some PRETTY cool people, right here in Oregon.

So this year, we decided to round up our favorite local holiday picks to share with you for those last minute gifts, because Christmas is only 11 days away people!!! Don't worry, there's still time to pick up these goodies right here at Portland!

PDX Home Decor

We live in a city with some incredible makers and artisans. Here are our top gift picks for this holiday season.

portland home decor gifts
PDX Home Decor
  1. Nothing says Oregon like this cozy Pendleton Stocking from Appetite Shop $36

  2. Portland loves plants! Gift a friend this adorable Charcoal Pinstripe Pot ($18)from Appetite Shop with a sweet little plant from local plant shop, Solabees.

  3. Check out Habitat Home Project, offering beautiful curated selection of fine goods, like this gorgeous Sasil Pillow ($140) created from vintage textiles and made in Bend. The best part is that 5% of all proceeds goes to Portland's Homeless Charities.

  4. Kaland Throw from Seek and Swoon ($170) I was just recently introduced to this company and hello!? I'm in love. Don't like the color, you can CUSTOMIZE it. The Kaland Throw is my favorite, but they have LOTS of great patterns to choose from.