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2019 PDX Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

In the age of digital shopping (and trust me, with three kids I've done my fair share this year), it's nice to step back and remember that we live in a PRETTY cool place, with PRETTY cool things made by some PRETTY cool people, right here in Oregon.

So this year, we decided to round up our favorite local holiday picks to share with you for those last minute gifts, because Christmas is only 11 days away people!!! Don't worry, there's still time to pick up these goodies right here at Portland!

PDX Home Decor

We live in a city with some incredible makers and artisans. Here are our top gift picks for this holiday season.

portland home decor gifts
PDX Home Decor
  1. Nothing says Oregon like this cozy Pendleton Stocking from Appetite Shop $36

  2. Portland loves plants! Gift a friend this adorable Charcoal Pinstripe Pot ($18)from Appetite Shop with a sweet little plant from local plant shop, Solabees.

  3. Check out Habitat Home Project, offering beautiful curated selection of fine goods, like this gorgeous Sasil Pillow ($140) created from vintage textiles and made in Bend. The best part is that 5% of all proceeds goes to Portland's Homeless Charities.

  4. Kaland Throw from Seek and Swoon ($170) I was just recently introduced to this company and hello!? I'm in love. Don't like the color, you can CUSTOMIZE it. The Kaland Throw is my favorite, but they have LOTS of great patterns to choose from.

  5. Get on the Macrame bandwagon and gift this Geometric Macrame Wall Hanging ($45) from local shop, Hustle Home Decor.

  6. Custom Art from Thérèse Murdza. These bite size pieces are affordable at $60 and SO beautiful. I can't say enough about this lady. She's a rockstar. I have the pleasure of working in the same building and I get goo-goo eyed every time I walk past her studio. Come on down to the Ford Building and check her out!

PDX Table Top & Kitchen Wares

Add a little pizzaz to a friend or family member's kitchen with these awesome Portland gifts.

portland gift picks for table top and kitchen wares
PDX Tabletop and Kitchen Wares
  1. Ceramic Salt Bowl ($15)Who knew a salt bowl could be so cute?? From Portland Native, Nancy, owner of Land Bird Ceramics.

  2. The Oregon Tumbler from North Drinkware ($48) Made right here in Portland, this handblown whiskey tumbler features our beloved Mt. Hood molded right into the base of the glass!

  3. For your friend or family member who likes to cook, get them Portland Cooks ($32.95), a culinary culmination of recipes from Portland's finest chefs. Plus, it's another excuse to visit Powells Bookstore.

  4. Block Printed Tea Towels ($34) These cuties are from local, Willow Ship, and can't help but make your kitchen look spectacular.

  5. These gorgeous Mango Wood Plates ($30), from the local Spartan Shop, are perfect for charcuterie or cheese platters.

  6. Protect those hands with the most beautiful Leather Pan Holder ($18) from Jo Rose Design of Portland.

If you haven't been to this place, GO! It's a little slice of heaven. They have a curated selection of wine, meats, cheeses, seafood, from some of the best vendors around Portland including, Pasta Works, Flying Fish Co & Oyster Bar / The Meat Mongers, Rubinette Produce Market, Little T Baker and Hilary Horvath Flowers. I could spend hours wandering around this little gem.

This year I made two baskets, one for my Aunt and Uncle who live in Colorado, and the other for my Mom, who used to live here and misses it dearly. My Aunt and Uncle are not the biggest foodies, so I picked some classic items, with one or two that may push their culinary boundaries, in a good way. In my experience, the staff has been super helpful. A woman from the cheese counter walked around the store with me and helped me put together each basket. Five star service, for real. They have gift boxes for $25 and will pack everything up neatly for you.

classic gift basket featuring oregon food
pdx food gift basket

The Classic Basket: for the out of towner, the culinary conservative, who wants to see what Portland's all about.

  1. Roasted Hazelnuts. Enjoy all that nutty goodness that Oregon has to offer, like these from Freddy Guys.

  2. These pint sized chocolate bites from Cloudforest are adorably packaged and uniquely flavored. The Nest is a classic option that is sprinkled with Oregon Sea Salt.

  3. Jacobsen Salt Company Six Vial Infused Salt Set with Branded Wood Stand I still have one of these sample packs. They are so fun to experiment with on different dishes and desserts!

  4. This sample size jar of Jacobsen Raw Blackberry Honey is perfect for drizzling in your tea. Yum.

  5. If you're recipient is local, Providore has these sweet little bouquets from adorable local flower shop Hilary Horvath Flowers.

  6. Kelly's Oregon Marionberry Preserves Nothing says Oregon like a delicious preserves from the berry that was INVENTED here.

gift basket from Providore foods for your foodie friends and family
pdx foodie gift basket

The Foodie Gift Basket: For the local (or ex-local) foodie who loves the finer things in life. Pick a theme or a region and choose accordingly. And, don't forget to ask for help! The folks at Providore will gladly take you through the store and help curate your gift basket.

  1. My mom loves wine, especially Italian wine, so the sommelier at Providore helped me pick out a 2016 Nebbiolo from Vietti, around $40. Delicious and well priced.

  2. The cheese counter at Providore is to DIE for. Whatever your recipient's tastes, the folks at the cheese counter are amazing and can hook you up with the perfect addition to your gift basket. My mom used to own an Italian Restaurant and is a lover of good cheese. I got her a Pecorino Romano Locatelli, which is similar to a Parmigiano Reggiano (one of her faves) and a Tartufo di Pecora Busti, which is a truffle infused cheese (quite literally heaven on earth) and one that we used to share often when she lived her. Together they cost around $15.

  3. To go with those cheeses, I got a box of Za'atar Crackers from Hayden Flour Mills..not your average cracker, one with a little zing that pairs well with the cheese.

  4. Couldn't get by without a Jacobsen product in here! This Infused Lemon Zest Finishing Salt is the perfect addition sprinkled over freshly cooked pasta.

  5. Castillo de Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Delicious and delicately smoked, but can we talk about this packaging??

  6. The folks at Pastaworks really know there way around..well, Pasta. If you're recipient is local, grab some delicious fresh made ravioli or gnocchi. Otherwise, they have plenty of dried pasta to choose from. My favorite is the squid ink spaghetti.

We're sure these gifts will put a smile on the face of your friends and family. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

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