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Our clients moved to Portland with an incredible art collection but had trouble envisioning how their pieces would fit in their traditional new home. Wise Design was brought on to furnish their living, dining, office and den. Our task was to look for not only the ideal placement for each art piece but also to design a comfortable home for our clients, their friends and their elderly dog, a very cherished member of the family. Using the two of the spectacular pieces by HERAKUT as the basis of our palette, a new deep green sofa from Perch Furniture rests in the center of the living room, allowing our clients to gaze at the fire, TV or outside. The back deck is fully furnished for impromptu parties and FLOR tiles allow for easy circulation from the front door to the back so their sweet doggo can walk without slipping. Layers of warmth with woods and more gentle greens are found throughout the space with the dining room chairs and table and mod desk in the office. Cozy lounge chairs including a spectacular oversized one in the den provide plenty of options for cuddling up with their pooch.

Photos by Seppi Reda 

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