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North Ridge, a financial wealth advisement firm, contacted Wise Design for help with their new offices. They wanted their new space to be a reflection of their company:  steadfast and adventurous infused with a Pacific Northwest and classic mountaineering vibe. We brought this to life by creating a material palette of wood, leather, metal and concrete. We designed a solid wood wall in their new conference room using reclaimed wood from Viridian Wood. A powerful floor to ceiling version of North Ridge's mountain logo was carved out of this solid wall and due to a glass window, is the first thing visitors see as they enter the suite. The new reception features a custom stand-off sign plus a large mountain wall graphic. Further custom designs included the reception desk (by local fabricator, Kirkman Original), sit/stand desks for the individual offices, kitchenette and built-in storage. The vivid blue of their brand is layered with the wood:  guest chairs in the offices and reception, the leather conference chairs plus a single wall in each office is saturated with this color.

One partner at North Ridge is a wildlife photographer enthusiast and routinely travels to Alaska to photograph bears. His photographs and vintage mountaineering equipment (plus actual bear skull!) adorn the space. 

-photos by Aren Stavi

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