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Dudek, a planning, environmental, and engineering consulting firm, moved into a new office in NE Portland. The existing building was divided into two distinct areas: a large open room for workstations and then another equally large open area with a kitchenette. The Dudek team decided that they would like this additional open area to be for company bonding, a spot to eat, hang out and be all together. The room came to be affectionately referred to as 'The Mullet,' since their building had a business area in front and a party area in the back! Wise Design was brought on to help space plan and furnish this area for this very fun company. The space was divided into areas for play,  eating/meeting and lounging including a large sectional sofa for company meetings or video game companionships. A gorgeous mural by Margaret Klement, based on a Dudek employee's own photograph, was painted on a large previously blank wall providing a stunning backdrop for shuffleboard or corn hole games. Reminiscent of vintage pizza parlors, the company asked for a 'booth' area to cozy up for meals, meetings and puzzles together. A neon sign is in the works for wall above the booths, completing the retro feel. Splashes of Pendleton, books, records and board games make this a fun PNW office for the team to enjoy for many years to come. 

-photos by Seppi Reda

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