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After living in Brazil, Canada, Russia and the UK, our globe-trotting clients settled in the vibrant Alberta Arts district of Portland. Their growing family wished to live in a home that was fresh, fun and showcased the many souvenirs from their travels.


This project encompassed renovating our client's kitchen, refreshing the interior and fully furnishing the first floor. Our challenge was to create a cohesive backdrop for their various collections. Thinking outside the box with their keepsakes was crucial; a vintage Peruvian tapestry was transformed into pillows, a old steamer trunk was repurposed as a coffee table, etc. 


The kitchen was brightened with open shelving, new paint, carrara countertops and a custom tile backsplash. The end result is a youthful, charming home that lets our clients' personalities shine. 


-photos by Josh Partee

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