E-Design 90 Minute Consult
  • E-Design 90 Minute Consult

    Now offering 90 minute E-Design consults!

    How should I arrange my home office? What color should I paint my bedroom? How should I hang my art? What countertops should I pick for my kitchen? How can I get the look I want without starting over? Should I buy new or should I use what I have?


    Jump on a virtual call with our team and we can give you helpful guidance and advice for those burning design questions you need answered. Don't worry about taking notes! We will email you notes with all of our suggestions and recommendations for your space.


    What do I need to prepare?

    In order to maximize our time together, we'll need some information from you prior to our meeting. After purchasing your consult, you’ll receive an email with clear instructions on what to do to get started. These steps include:

    • Scheduling your consult and filling out our Design Questionaire
    • Selecting Inspiration Images so we can get a feel for your aesthetic
    • Providing Photos of your Space
    • Downloading Skype for our meeting!


    Questions? Contact us here.

    • Terms & Conditions

      All design fees are non-refundable.

    $300.00 Regular Price
    $255.00Sale Price