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Now Offering E-Design Services! #stayhomesavelives

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Just like you, our Wise Design team is working from home and doing what we can to stay positive & combat the anxiety. It's during times of stress that the importance of our immediate surroundings becomes very apparent. We believe that EVERYONE deserves to enjoy a beautiful and functional environment. Your home should be a source of comfort and security in these dark days.

To help make design accessible during this period of social isolation, we are introducing our new E-Design packages! Similar to our popular Design for A Day consult, E-Design is geared towards clients looking for a "one room" design. All communication is entirely online so no need to break the 6-feet-apart rule! Also, we plan on keeping E-Design around even after the pandemic is behind us since it's a perfect option for homebody or remote clients who need some assistance, don't mind a little homework and want to manage the project themselves on their own timeline.

(By the way, if you live outside of Oregon and want more than just a consult, we can still work with you! Drop us a line here.)

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