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Wise Design Favorites: Our Go-To Greys

At Wise Design our next favorite neutral paint color after a clean & bright white wall, is a calming, soothing grey wall. Grey is a paint color we return to time and time again, when we want a bit of contrast with the trim color, particularly in historic homes.

We have a few shades of grey that we return to over & over again, because they're versatile with just the right undertones. Besides these go-to greys, we have a few that we love and have yet to use on a project, but intend to in the future. (Aka our would-be-go-to greys).

Light Greys

Left to Right: BM Grey Owl 2137-60, BM Classic Grey OC-23, BM Moonshine 2140-60

Benjamin Moore Grey Owl

Grey Owl is a beautiful warm shade of grey and perfect for so many settings. It's calm, soothing and a great non-white neutral option. It looks beautiful in classic & historic homes where the trim details are meant to be highlighted. We used this paint color in our Alberta Arts Bungalow project and love this paint color!

Benjamin Moore Classic Grey

Classic Grey is a very light almost white grey, with a cozy warm undertone. Again it's perfect for highlighting classic millwork and trim in historic homes and pairs nicely with transitional & classic furnishings. We have used this paint color in our Alberta Craftsmen home and our (in progress) Irvington Foursquare home. So beautiful!

Benjamin Moore Moonshine

Moonshine is a beautiful shade of grey with a slight greenish undertone. We've yet to use this color in a project, however it's always a contender and I'm sure we'll use it in the future.

Medium Greys

Left to Right: BM Grey Husky 1473, BM Boothbay Grey HC-165, BM Metropolitan Grey AF-690

Benjamin Moore Grey Husky

Grey Husky is a great medium to light grey color, with slight blue undertones, but also a bit of warmth to it. It looks great on walls or on cabinets & furniture. We used it in the Netrush Office project and love the cool, modern look it brings.

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Grey

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Grey is another favorite medium grey of ours that we've used for both our in-process NW Hillside House project and Greenwood remodel (stay tuned for professional photos of both of these projects in the future!). This is a beautiful soothing grey with strong blue undertones, in fact it can look blue in many settings. It's a beautiful color for historic, mid-century or modern homes.

Benjamin Moore Metropolitan Grey

Metropolitan Grey is the current color of the year and rightly so. It is a beautiful grey-blue that looks stunning in classic or modern settings. We've yet to use it in a project, but it's always in the mix and I'm sure we'll use it sometime in the future!

Dark Greys

As far as dark greys, we've yet to use them in an interior of a home as we usually go for light and bright. However, they are excellent for the exterior of homes. Stay tuned for a Wise Design Favorites on exterior paint colors where we'll discuss favorite dark greys.

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