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Reveal: Cloverdilly Children's Boutique

So excited to show off the final reveal photos for our children's consignment boutique, Cloverdilly! And before you view the below images, just take a minute to remember that our client pulled this WHOLE place off by herself in less than 30 days! She is our hero.

For a refresher: here are our behind-the-scenes posts for inspiration, before photos (SUCH a difference!), space planning, furnishings, and schematic design. You can also see the final reveal photos on our website.

Ready to see the finished design?

Check out the sign! We love all the little details our client added.

View of front doors with baby clothes, shoes and local handmade goods on the left. And you can see the dresser she painted on the right as well as the art above the door! Unicorn headbands and wands by Tutu Cute are on top of the dresser.

The masks are by Tutu Cute and the necklaces are by Sparrow and Bean. We had fun looking through all the options for sale!

The mountains!!! They absolutely make the space!

Cozy toy/book corner with a peak at the cash register. All kinds of local handmade accessories are on display. Necklaces are by ZoBubble Bling.

Close up of toy/book shelves.

Our client is SO talented! So many little sweet details.

Main wall of clothes display. It was incredible how much inventory she is able to display and not feel overwhelmed or crowded. Everything is beautifully organized and the small 350 square foot store feels so open and spacious.

Tamara is actually shopping here while I'm just pretending to be hard at work. FYI we all walked away with a few purchased items for our kiddos. It was almost impossible not to.

Hope everyone loves this space as much as we do! If you are looking to support local businesses, support the environment by buying second hand AND shop locally, we highly recommend stopping by Cloverdilly. We had so much fun with the store's design that we're ready for her to open a second location!

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