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Behind the Scenes: Children's Boutique Before Photos

Last week we talked about our design inspiration for a new children's boutique opening in less than 30 days (yikes!)

After getting the keys for her new store, our client went on a fieldtrip to take photos:

Ok. So far so good! Love the light and the height of those side windows.

Great opportunity with the covered breezeway to move inventory outside and attract people to the store. With the Oregon rain, you need cover!

Nice big wall for shelves, racks & display. Paint will go a long way!

Oh yes, paint paint paint. Floors are concrete which is pretty great for character and durability. Not so great for noise. We'll definitely want to make sure we have some soft surfaces around to help dampen sound.

Wow! Super tall ceilings! Love that! The 20ft+ tall ceilings will make the small suite feel much larger. The pilaster on the back wall adds to the verticality.

And ughhh electrical panels. Is there EVER a good spot for them?!

Really great character in the floors. We were happy to see this.

Looking up. Well, we've seen way worse. This is actually ok. Lighting will definitely need to be addressed.

We see this batting stuff over the door in lots of commercial spaces. It's for insulation while avoiding the cost/work of drywalling the entire space. It's not *totally* horrible but we wish there were other options out there that are equally effective. Product designers, we're looking at you.

Last little corner by the front windows.

Our sweet client was kind enough to take rough dimensions for us too. We drafted the suite's floorplan, ready to get to work for the next phase:

Up next: space planning. Exactly WHERE should everything go?!

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