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Wise Design Favorites: Totally Lit - Our Top Picks for Accent Lighting

When it comes to lighting, there is so much more than ambient overhead fixtures to consider. Wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps are a great way to bring more specialized lighting to areas either for specific tasks or to accent a design feature. Often under-utilized and under appreciated, these fixtures add an important layer of livability to any space.

When we are designing a space, we like to layer several different types of lighting to give the client options depending on their needs. Overhead fixtures are nice for providing a base ambient light, wall sconces are great for accenting features in the room or providing extra task lighting where it is needed, floor and table lamps also provide a focused light for tasks or can highlight an area of the room. All of these lighting elements should work together to give a room a comfortable, highly livable feel.

Wall Lighting

Here is a confession: At Wise Design we LOVE sconces! Not like, but love! They are like beautiful pieces of art, with a function! They add so much interest and character to a sp