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Wise Design Favorites: Lighting Picks - Overhead Fixtures

Lighting is one of the most important factors when designing a room. Sometimes it can be overlooked, but if you have a well designed space that isn't well lit, how can anybody see it!?!

We're only half kidding...but seriously, a well designed room needs several lighting options. Overhead lights, reading lights, sconce/wall lighting, table lamps, task lamps, etc. etc. Depending on the space, your lighting needs may vary. At Wise Design, we definitely have some favorite lighting options that we've used in our projects (or will in upcoming projects) and we'd love to share some with you. This week we'll be sharing our picks for Overhead Lighting.

Chandeliers, Pendants and Flush-mounts

Alberta Arts Bungalow

Obviously, different rooms have different lighting needs. Dining rooms require different lighting than living rooms. A dining room chandelier or pendant is a great opportunity to bring in some drama or fun and to set the mood for the space. In our Alberta Arts Bungalow, we found the perfect fixture for this light and fun space, the Aerin Agnes Pendant. We love the gold interior of this bell shaped pendant, so beautiful!

Aerin Agnes Pendant

The living room in this home is a cozy space for snuggling up by the fire and reading. We wanted to keep the lighting unobtrusive and timeless for this space, so we chose a gorgeous semi-flush Rose City fixture from Rejuvenation. This is a timeless fixture that will never go out of style and feels true to the architecture of the home.

Rejuvenation Rose City Semi-Flush

NW Nob Hill House