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Dreaming Of Spring With Greenery

This cold winter weather in Portland, has us dreaming of spring! Which is why Greenery, the newly announced Pantone color of the year, is seriously inspiring us right now to get our Green on! We love how fresh and vibrant this color looks in all different spaces. From modern living rooms, to verdant eating spaces, to dreamy bedrooms that bring the outdoors in. One of Greenery's biggest advantages is the jungle-factor! Plants have always been a great design tool, but these days they are essential!

There are a lot of different ways you can integrate Greenery into your life. You could start with some furniture pieces that feature the fresh color. Check out these rad examples...

Another brilliant way to use Greenery is paint, wallpaper, flooring and cabinetry. Greenery looks vibrant and oh-so-luscious on the walls, cabinets and on the floor too! Take a look at these gorgeous pictures and try not to drool!

Of course, one of the best and easiest ways to use Greenery in your design is through actual greenery. House plants are a wonderful addition to any room, bringing life and fresh air (literally) to your home. There are all sorts of wonderful ways to use plants in your space. Whether you just introduce a few low maintenance plants or go for the full jungle effect, there is a greenery solution for everyone. Take a look at these photos for inspiration. Can anyone say "indoor garden", yes please!

Love it, Live it, Grow it! Greenery.

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