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Beyond the Pale (aka White Trim)

White trim is so over! If you are looking for ways to update and modernize your space or starting fresh in a new home, reconsider that white trim. It is something that oftentimes gets overlooked, but is really a great opportunity to add interest or drama. Trim and molding can be a great way to frame your room, highlight certain features or just offset those very "now" white walls.

Depending on the style of your home, and the look you are going for, there are a lot of innovative ideas for changing up that trim! Whether you want to go more subtle and just choose a slightly more interesting shade of white, go dramatic with a dark trim color or go wild with something completely different, trim is anything but boring. Here are some great inspirational pics to uh...inspire you!

Off White Trim Can Add Subtle Interest

Light Gray Trim is a Subtle and Soothing

Dark Trim Adds Drama

Colorful Molding Sets the Scene

Other interesting ideas for your trim/molding is going monotone with your paint color (especially if you've got a great statement color). It even looks great to mix it up with different trim colors (ex. around windows etc.). Check these ideas out!

Tone on Tone Color Looks Unique

Play Up Features With Different Trim Colors

However, if your home survived the white trim phase and you have unpainted wood trim, you might not want to paint over the original wood. There are many ways to update your space without destroying your beautiful wood trim. Even if you are not a fan of the white wall trend, there are some great options for complementary paint colors. Just keep in mind, different paint colors look better with certain woods. If your wood trim color isn't quite the look you are going for, you can always sand and stain your current trim (ex. lighter woods have a more mid century/scandinavian look, darker woods have a more traditional/historic look, medium/warm wood tones look great with everything!). Wood trim can also be fun and make a statement!

Wood Trim Looks Beautiful and Warm With White Walls

Wood Trim Looks Great With Complementary Color

Feeling inspired? Now go change up that trim color!

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